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    Hello! Welcome to my blog. I look forward to sharing some of my most recent work, and the wonderful clients I have met along the way. I am located in Temecula home of many wineries, although I travel all over. In love with weddings is an understatement in my book, it's a dream I've had for several years. Today I get to be a part of many lives as I get to document their special wedding day. The feeling of capturing the emotions, laughter, to the cutting of the cake is beyond a privilege. With that being said I hope to get the opportunity to document this most beautiful time of your life!


Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica | Kent + Monica Engagement

His name is Kent, Kent Clark that is! Really, like Superman? Yes, Really!  And Monica well she is just an AMAZING up and coming singing artist! Yes REALLY!!

With that our inspiration for their engagement shoot came to life! I can only show a sneak peek of our time together at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. When Harmony and I arrived and walked around we literally had to pick up our jaws off the floor.The Viceroy Hotel did not disappoint as it was more than I had dreamed it would be.    Monica and Kent you are just as amazing as the first day we first met, I am so beyond thrilled to photograph your love! This is just your sneak peek I can’t wait to show off the full session! 

This is just one of my MOST fav’s! The lighting is just incredible!!!


I just love the fun they were having so YES please be yourselves!!!


Can’t wait to show off more of our Modern Clark Kent and Lois Lane!

You two are so adorable! The photo on the bottom has blur, but it has such a romantic feel…I love it.



Kimberly Bayer - LOVE!!!!!!!! What a gorg couple too!

Harmony Loves - Oh! My! Goodness! I can’t even explain in words how incredible these images are! You knocked this one out of the park! Congrats girl!

Alicia Salcedo - SIZZLING!!!! Perfect place! Perfect couple! Pefect photographer! PERFECT!

Christina Sanchez - Amazing!! :D These are awesome! :)

Letty - riiiita…these are so pretty! hurry up with the rest! ;)

Monica Generotzky - Another Monica! Yay! Once again…stunning pictures and stunning couple!

Mia Reed - Pure sexiness! I love your work my friend. You never dissapoint.

sandy - yum.
everything you snap ..turns to silver and gold.

Monica Padilla - Riiiitttaaa!! OMG! I love LOVE the sneak peak of our engagement shoot:) I honestly can’t wait to view more! Kent and myself could not be and feel more happier to have you as our photographer for our special day! You are truly talented at what you do to capture moments like that. I love it! Thank you! Love ya Rita!!

Lilia - Love the colors Rita! What a beautiful couple :)

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